Whilst looking for something to fill the bare walls in her living room, Cat decided to create her own designs to display. She began sketching out initial ideas that she felt would work, which then led to developing them digitally. She wanted designs that would jump off the page whilst injecting some of her personality into each one. 



Cat Morton was always destined to be an illustrator. Ever since the very first time she picked up a crayon and started drawing on her bedroom walls she knew she wanted to do something creative for a living. Throughout schooling she kept her focus on being a designer and aimed to follow this into the work world.


It wasn't until 2016 that she truly made her mark within the magazine industry. This made her feel so happy as it had fulfilled a lifelong vision. During this time she gained so many useful skills whilst also being able to work on her illustrations which were featured in the numerous publications.


However after being made redundant during the COVID-19 pandemic her new focus was building a business that she had always dreamed of and sharing her love of illustration and design to the world. Designing from her kitchen table, you could say it has now gone full circle - creating art for the wall was always on the cards!